– The Creative One

height1.67 m
eye colourgreen
hair colourstrawberry blonde
I likeunusual outfits and art
mottoA little crazy is totally normal

About Lizzy

Lizzy’s style is colourful, creative and always includes the element of surprise – just like her! She is an art enthuiast, loves cool music and is crazy about animals. Lizzy doesn’t have a pet of her own, but then she is always out and about anyway, organizing and attending events, meeting new people – or diving headfirst into the next wild mess!

Typical me:
Most of the time I have a plan … but quite often I take a few detours to achieve my aim. Then again, this is not a bad thing as each mistake I make teaches me a little lesson, and in the end everything will be alright. Trust me!
My biggest gift:
The ability to sketch and paint away on every available surface! No matter if it’s canvas, a sheet of paper or a chewing gum wrapper – as soon as I have an idea, I get started! I just love making the world a little more colourful.
My hobbies:
Apart from painting, I love looking after animals, and it doesn’t matter that they are not mine. I think I might just be the best pet sitter in the world! 😉
What I cannot stand:
My favourite style:
I just wear whatever I feel like putting on right now. I open my closet and fetch the first item that catches my attention. The items don’t go with each other? So what! A spontaneous choice is always the best, as it reflects my mood and makes me feel good!
  • romantic 20% 20%
  • crazy 90% 90%
  • organized 85% 85%
  • creative 90% 90%
  • dreamy 80% 80%
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