Topmodel by Depesche

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I have an article with a secret code that won't open. What can I do?
Please follow these instructions:

  1. The default password is “0000”. Enter it – and the lock will open while music plays.
  2. As soon as the lock opens, press and hold the “*” button for 3 seconds.
  3. You now have 10 seconds to enter a new four-digit password. If you enter more than 4 numbers, the first four numbers will be saved. Press the “#” button,
    to confirm and save the new password.
  4. If you forget your own password, simply press “1”, “3” and “0” simultaneously and keep this combination pressed for 4 seconds. You can then enter a new password as explained in steps 2 and 3. (Please remember this trick!)
  5. You can change the batteries when they are empty: Turn the battery compartment screw counterclockwise and remove the cover. Then insert AG13/LR44 batteries as shown in the drawing on the inside. Replace the cover and tighten the screw.
  6. Your password remains secure even after you have changed the batteries!
I have a complaint. Who can I contact?

Either directly in the shop where the article was bought or by e-mail to:

Is there a factory outlet?

No, we do not have a factory outlet.

Can I order TOPModel items directly?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for end consumers to place an order with us because we are a wholesaler and can only supply the retail trade.