the Crazy Lady

height1.8 m
eye colourbrown
hair colourbrown
I likeMusic and crazy photo shoots
motto“Stay cool!”

About Fergie

Fergie is super self-confident and gutsy. She often changes her hair colour and likes to try out new things – not only styles. Her favourite pastime is doing crazy things with her BFFs Christy, Candy, Sasha and Lizzy. Boredom? Fergie doesn't know the meaning of the word!

The 5 girls in Flat 1 can be really crazy sometimes!

My craziest wish:
To fly to the moon!
My biggest quirk:
I check at least three times to see if I’ve really set my alarm.
My distinguishing feature:
My short hair, which I always style differently.
When I’m excited...
...I get hot and bothered and turn red.
My favourite animal:
  • romantic 20% 20%
  • crazy 90% 90%
  • organized 30% 30%
  • creative 50% 50%
  • dreamy 40% 40%
Wow, those are crazy products!
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