the Whirlwind

height1.75 m
eye colourbrown
hair colourblack
I like To take photos of my family.
motto“My life is fun!”

About Miju

Miju's motto is "My life is fun" - and the Asian model would love to have fun all day long. She often talks nonstop and loves photography, karaoke and video dancing. Having such a funny, friendly nature means that life with Miju is never boring - especially for her BFF Lexy.

Miju has fun all day in Flat 2 which she shares with Hayden, Lexy and Malia!

I like best:
My family! I talk to my parents or my little sister Mai-Lin on the phone almost every day. She's the best!
My biggest quirk:
I sometimes make funny faces when I'm concentrating.
My greatest hobbies:
Photography. Oh yes, and karaoke! I don't sing very well, but I do sing very loudly! And I know nearly all the lyrics.
I say this word much too often:
My favourite animal:
The hummingbird! It's the only bird that can fly backwards.
  • romantic 30% 30%
  • crazy 60% 60%
  • organized 40% 40%
  • creative 70% 70%
  • dreamy 40% 40%
Such lovely products! You just HAVE to take photos of them!
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