the Go-Getter

height1.76 m
eye colourblue
hair colourbrown
I like When a plan works!
motto“Never give up!”

About Hayden

Hayden loves her job as a model and is very ambitious. Her career is her greatest hobby – and she's always well organised where that's concerned. She also likes acting every now and again. Hayden is very reliable and always there for her friends.

She lives with Lexy, Malia and Miju in flat-share 2, where there is always something going on!

My craziest wish:
To see the whole world! I like travelling! I would love to visit every single corner of the world.
My biggest quirk:
I just scribble all over the place when I'm on the phone and don't even notice I'm doing it, haha.
My greatest talent:
Besides modelling, my talent for organisation! Nothing (almost ) never goes wrong.
I really don’t like:
My cat hair allergy! I think the little cats are so cute and I'm always sad when I can't cuddle them properly.
My favourite fruit:
Definititely the mango!
  • romantic 30% 30%
  • crazy 20% 20%
  • organized 100% 100%
  • creative 50% 50%
  • dreamy 30% 30%
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