the Chaotic one

height1.8 m
eye colour blue-green
hair colourred
I likeCrazy things and fits of laughter.
motto "Only a genius can master chaos!"

About Lexy

Lexy is adorable but chaotic. She constantly forgets things, arrives late or loses things. But because she is so charming nobody can be mad at her for very long - especially not her BFF Miju. Although Lexy is very successful as a model and has lots of fun with the other girls, she often misses her big sister Sandy, a former TOP model who is now making a career in Hollywood as an actress.

Lexy lives in flat 2 with Hayden, Miju and Malia. They have a lot of fun together.

That’s me:
I'm a bit chaotic. Okay, a bit too much, hee hee. But what do they say? Only a genius can master chaos.
My biggest quirk:
I talk to myself all the time. Sometimes it's a bit embarrassing.
My special feature:
My freckles and red hair.
When I’m nervous…
...I chew on my pen.
My favourite animal:
We used to have a chinchilla called Jim - that was my favourite animal!
  • romantic 30% 30%
  • crazy 95% 95%
  • organized 10% 10%
  • creative 60% 60%
  • dreamy 40% 40%
Wow, how crazy is that?!
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