The fantasy fan

height1.83 m
eye colourbrown
hair colourblack-brown
I likegymnastics, fantasy books, sloths
motto"Be your own super hero!"

About Malia

Malia grew up on a small island in the Caribbean, where she also discovered her love for sloths - they often cross your path there. She loves being outdoors and always has one thing with her: a fantasy book. Because that's what she's passionate about, just like for all superhero stories. So her motto fits her perfectly: "Be your own superhero."

Malia thinks sharing a flat with Miju, Lexy and Hayden is really exciting.

Fun fact:
I occasionally sleep walk. Sometimes I go to bed in the evening and wake up on the couch.
My greatest Talent:
Somehow I seem to learn languages really easily.
I can speak these five: German, Spanish, English, French and Dutch.
My little secret:
I didn't use to like my long legs 'cos I was teased about them. But now I like myself just as I am.
When I'm excited:
... I get the hiccups.
What I could snack on at any time:
Popcorn! My favourite sort is white chocolate with coconut.
  • romantic 30% 30%
  • crazy 70% 70%
  • organized 50% 50%
  • creative 60% 60%
  • dreamy 80% 80%
WOW! I love cool fantasy things!
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