the Dancer

birthdayAugust 5th
zodiac signLeo
height1.69 m
eye colourbrown
hair colourchocolate brown
I likedancing and my boyfriend David
motto “Keep cool!”

About Talita

Talita may be the smallest TOPModel, but she has the most spirited temperament. She is a talented dancer and always devises brilliant choreographies. She met her boyfriend David on set when she was booked as a dancer for a music video - and fell in love immediately.

Flat 4 quakes when Talita dances around it with Nyela and Louise.

I am proud of...
...my TOPModel of the Year award. I was the lucky winner when the award was presented for the first time.
My biggest quirk:
I just can't help blowing into half-full water bottles sometimes - it makes such a funny noise!
My hobbies:
Dancing! Being Brazilian by birth, Samba is in my blood. But what I like best is to dance hip-hop.
When I’m excited...
...I blink my eyes all the time.
My greatest treasure:
David! I have been in love with him from the very first minute I met him.
  • romantic 30% 30%
  • crazy 80% 80%
  • organized 40% 40%
  • creative 70% 70%
  • dreamy 40% 40%
Yeah, they’re terrific products!
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