the Wiseguy

height1.78 m
eye colourblue
hair colourlight blond with coloured highlights
I likeVideo games and spontaneous adventures.
motto“Be happy, not perfect!”

About Jill

Jill is loud and ambitious – and that means she's sometimes not very easy. But that's no problem for her friends! Together, the twins are a great asset to the flat! Jill can't see very well and has to wear glasses - but actually nobody is supposed to know that. That's why she usually wears contact lenses. The only difference between her and her sister June is a mole under her left eye.

She lives together with her twin June and her friend Janet in Flat 3.

That’s me:
I like to be the centre of attention, and June always says I'm really loud ... . Oops, hee hee.
My biggest quirk:
When I get excited, I curl a strand of hair around my index finger. From time to time I wind it so tightly that my finger gets stuck.
My little secret:
I am blind as a mole. But I almost always wear contact lenses, so you rarely see me with my glasses.
I say this word much too often:
The best thing about my twin sister June:
We can simply change places and (almost) nobody notices, hee hee.
  • romantic 30% 30%
  • crazy 80% 80%
  • organized 40% 40%
  • creative 50% 50%
  • dreamy 30% 30%
That is true sisterly love!
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