Topmodel by Depesche
Step-by-step drawing instructions

Flower necklace

For this motif you need the following materials:

  • Pencil, fineliner or fiber pen
  • Colored pencils, eraser and tweezers
  • Decorative flowers, pearls and glitter gel
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Use a pencil to draw a V shape as a guide. You can draw circles along this shape, this will be the flowers.

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Around the circles that you have sketched, you also use a pencil to place petals of different sizes.

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With a few bold lines, you outline the hairstyle. If you like it that way, you can trace the lines with a fiber pen and erase the pencil lines. Draw the leaf-shaped earrings as well.

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Use a pencil to draw fine lines within the sheets. The chain should now look like the picture.

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Now hatch out the hair, face and body. But: Leave the chain free for now. Sketch a simple top.

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Now you put shadows and light reflections by hatching some areas with a little more pressure. Carefully erase other areas with an eraser. Colorize the top completely.

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Dab the pearls and flowers with a little glue and carefully place them on the sketched chain. Work your way out from the middle. You can also use tweezers.

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If you like, you can add a few accents with glitter gel on the free spaces on the chain. Let everything dry well.

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